Our story begins with a duck.

A fond favourite of cuisines around the world, the duck is considered a notable dish when it appears on a menu. In China, Peking Roast Duck gained prominence during the Ming Dynasty, becoming a prestigious mainstay of the Imperial Court. To honour this tradition of flavourful and epicurean feasts, we are detailed in our selection of fresh produce and attentive in our approach to roasting duck. At the heart of Pinot Duck is our purpose-built over, customised to suit the roasting process to create our sought-after, crispy-skinned and succulent duck dishes. 


Then, we couldn't resist adding a grape - but not just any. 


The enviable Pinot grape is known to be challenging to cultivate and yet produces some of the finest, most enviable wines in the world. Conventionally considered a perfect pairing, the duck and the Pinot grape are both beloved for their nuanced accents and flavours. 


Pinot Duck celebrates the diversity of these two ingredients. 


Inspired by the many ways of the duck and the grape, this culinary journey has no rules - it's an adventure of experimentation and experience. 


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